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On October 1st Busby will be holding a Classic Car, Motor Cycle and Automobilia Sale. One early entry will be a 1930 Rolls Royce 20/25...

Originally bodied as a Sedanca de Ville, and latterly used as a hearse, the chassis was found languishing in a barn and brought back to life by the current owner, whose childhood memory of a toy slot car became the inspiration for the car. 

Some research showed that the slot car he remembered was modelled on the famous 'Sluggard' car built by the Rolls Royce factory for performance testing at Brooklands, which reputedly ran at 101 mph at the track in 1912.

The restoration of the car was documented in a series of articles in the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Magazine and was built in Bridport. Using traditional aerospace techniques, the body has been hand built in Ash wood with aircraft fabric once used in pre-war aircraft. The estimate for this car is £15,000 to £18,000.

Published by Busby Auctioneers & Valuers
on 7th Jul 2015 @ 11:00 am

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