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Valuations are a core part of our business. Accuracy, speed and confidentiality are paramount.

Insurance Valuations

We undertake written valuations for insurance. These valuations can vary from a single item to the contents of a house or a large estate. Accordingly we discuss the various options available so that the valuation is specifically tailored to an individual client's needs.

For valuations of the entire contents of a house, we will produce an itemised, bound valuation illustrated with photographs where they are deemed to be necessary.

Written valuations can prevent painful arguments with a loss adjuster in the event of a claim.

Busby valuations are accepted by all leading insurance companies.

Probate Valuations

We offer a professional service for executors and trustees and as with insurance valuations; we will provide bound valuations for probate, duplicate copies of which are available when required.

Since security is often a consideration and untenanted houses attract burglars and the curious, we can arrange for a house to be cleared and the contents held in our secure storage facility until probate has been granted and the methods of disposal agreed. Those items that are to be entered into one of our auction sales will be catalogued and the executors informed as to which sales these items are to be entered in to.

We also carry out valuations for Family Division, Capital Gains Tax, Insolvency and Private Treaty Sales.

House and Attic Clearance

We offer a professional service for solicitors, property agents and members of the public with either a full or partial clearance. Following an initial visit, at no cost, we are able to advise what items are suitable for auction and the most economical and appropriate way to dispose of unsaleable house contents. We oversee the whole process from start to finish using an experienced team who will leave the property clean and tidy.

Gift & Lease Back of Chattels

We can assist with Gift and Lease back arrangements of chattels and any 'arms length' negotiations for tax planning purposes. Ther service includes valuation of items and negotiation over rental values, insurance and security costs for either party..

Private Sales

.For various reasons some clients prefer a less public and less pressured sale process than auction. For these clients Busby and its team of specialists can provide private selling options for either single items or collections. Our team are available to work with our clients offering confidential advice and sale strategies.

We examine and value your property, assess the best method for offering your work and achieving your goals. All private sale enquiries are treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. Depending on the needs of those involved, a private sale may be executed quickly or gradually. The service often achieves the best possible price for clients, end users willing to pay a premium for exclusivity and certainty.

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